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English Speaking Practice for Introverted Students

Do You Speak English?

Do you speak English? It`s not a tricky question, is it? And no, don`t answer it. Apparently, you`re familiar with this language if you decided to visit our site. Why don`t they ever ask “Can you write in English?” or “Can you read in English?”, or at least “Do you understand what I`m saying in English?”. For heaven`s sake, why does it always have to be speaking? That`s a weak spot for so many people.

Standing Desks: The Best Option Every Student Should Consider

Standing Desk

Sitting isn`t cool anymore. You should get yourself one of those standing desks like all dope kids did. One a more serious note though: sitting isn`t only old-fashioned but really unhealthy. Of course, standing all day long won`t bring any benefits to your spine and knees as well, but sitting all day long may simply kill you. Not literally. But such lifestyle will bring the date of your death so much closer.

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