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Student Thoughts: 10 Rules of Strong Relationships

Student Couple

We are not going to speak about love. Love is a too disputable thing: some people believe in it, others don’t. Some people think love to be the basis for good personal relationships, while others think that relationships are built on trust and respect first. However, strong relationships of different couples have certain features in common. We tried to mention them for you in this article.

Essay on Convictions and Ways to Change them

Convictions Essay

Convictions are strong, conscious and thought out beliefs that can serve a backbone for a person’s character. They direct one’s behavior and will, and do not need additional reasoning: that power is so strong that controls a person completely. But human’s beliefs are not always correct, as people can often have serious delusions about the world around. And if one is able to change his or her convictions, this means that person to have a developed personality.

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