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Planning Weekends: Some Simple Know-Hows

Student Party

Arranging two days for dozens of plans sounds like a real challenge and dilemma of time management. On the one hand, you finally have a perfect opportunity to stay in bed for a few hours longer. On the other hand, there are so many things you have to do or you would like to do while you have some time for yourself, that the weekend seems to imply not the peaceful rest but just the dynamic switch to some different activities.

Is Competition Good: Argumentative Essay

Athlete Runs

It is still a part of the discussion if competition is good or bad. In fact, it depends on context, for example, emulation between athletes is necessary, and it is actually a good one, but the opposition between children leads to sad results. And what about students? It is so far a topic for debate. There are several arguments why competition is useful and some disadvantages of it.

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