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After-Сollege Plans and Reasons Why It’s Okay If They Differ from Your Peers’ Ones

Comparison Between Choices

We always compare ourselves to our friends, from the childhood till our adult life we wish to be better, more successful in life, more rich, etc. Especially it’s common during the final year in college when it’s time to pass the finals and search for the internship programs. Yet, those feelings of jealousy don’t disappear even after the graduation. And here you are, sitting and comparing your post-graduation situation to your peers’ ones. And it gets even worse when you see all those happy posts on social media, which make you lose remaining faith and to ask yourself why you were not good enough to get that job. While these worries are normal, they shouldn’t affect your future goals and motivation and definitely shouldn’t occupy your every thought. Here are some reasons why comparing your post-graduation plans to your friends’ ones might not be the best solution:

Everybody Is in the Same Position

Almost all the students experience some degree of jealousy when it comes to the future opportunities. You might be 100% confident in your skills and knowledge, but when, out of the blue, one of your classmates gets the job of your dreams and it may be enough for those worries to appear and eat you up. You better concentrate on your own achievements only and keep all the other things away from your head. You have a dream, pursue it.

You Have More Than You Think

By worrying about all the problems you have now while entering the mature world, it’s so easy to forget that you are only a recently-graduated student. And it’s a huge achievement itself! Don’t rush the things, try to feel proud of yourself. Doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a job related to your major or you have decided to pursue another way, you already have skills in critical thinking, speaking in public, doing a research, preparing speeches, among a lot of others. You have gained more than you probably think, so don’t let all the unnecessary fears ruin your future career.

You Don’t See the Whole Story

All your friends’ happy Facebook posts definitely don’t open the whole story. Everybody, including you, usually shares the information that show us in the best light so don’t take all the facts that you see too seriously. Next time you look through the news feed on your Facebook, remember that there are a lot of but’s in every shared post, what you see is only a tiny part of the whole story so better avoid envying your peers’ fantastic life situation based only on the images you see online.

Everybody Has Their Path

Career Path

With all the pressures we experience from the people surrounding us, mass media, the society in whole, etc., we think we have the right and the wrong way to start our adult life. The truth is, no post-graduation path is better than others when you have clear goals and defined purposes. The main thing is to remain yourself and do the things you keep in mind.

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