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Ways to Improve One’s Sense of Humor

Sense of Humor

A sense of humor consists of two parameters: the ability to joke, and the ability to appreciate other people’s jokes. In this article, we are going to concentrate on the first parameter that will let you feel comfortable in any situation and any group.

Try to See Something Funny in Almost Everything

If you really want to develop your sense of humor, try taking anything usual and make it funny. Every small event or situation you meet has a hidden joke behind it.

That is a great exercise that turns negative situation around and decreases tension, makes you laugh upon your failures and mistakes.

Just try it out. Try analyzing simple objects and situations around. Soon, you’ll see that almost everything that surrounds you has its funny side.

Communicate with People You Can Learn Things From

Everyone has friends people find funny. Spend time with them and find out what they do in order to be like that.

This approach works everywhere: in studying, business, art, sports and other fields. Surround yourself with people you want to look like.

Don’t Give Up if They Won’t Laugh

All the famous comics met criticism regularly. They have not always been the reason, but they do not find insults, they change strategies and approaches.

When you joke and get a dead silence as an answer, it is the great way to test your psychological resistance, your ability to find a way out of stupid situations. Never give up in such moments. Even Chandler from “Friends” had situations when somebody told his joke was not funny, but he continued looking for something like that.

Be Careful, Do not Insult Others

The audience’s understanding is the key moment here. Things that make one group laugh cause a confusion for other group. A humor is subjective, whether it is good or bad.

Analyze the audience, tell the test phrase and watch after their reaction. If they roll on floor, then you can go on. If they look on each other, then it is time to change tactics and hear what they joke about in this group.

Be Witty, not Silly

A silly humor can be a good starting point for some kinds of audiences, but sometimes it can seem to be a mark of immature people. A witty person is never going to lose: the ability to mention something that was the most difficult thing to distinguish will always be appreciated.

There are not that many people who like anecdotes, because those are texts learnt by heart. The audience wants instant, spontaneous jokes.

Stay Positive and Laugh More

You need to laugh more in order to develop your sense of humor. Not all comic stand-up actors look similar to each other, but still they mostly have a positive attitude towards their life.

Positive Person

Understand the Difference between “Funny” and “Evil” Jokes

In order for you not to say “I didn’t mean it”, you need to feel the mood of the audience and the level of allowance. If you see two people laughing upon each other, it does not mean that you can behave that way, too.

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