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Bullying and Its New Impact on Students

Students Arguing

“Bullying” – this word is just everywhere nowadays, and that`s a positive tendency. Yes, yes, you got it right, that`s a good thing – not the phenomenon of bullying itself but the attention it gets. Back in the day, a smaller number of people were genuinely concerned about this. “Mean Girl” is such an iconic movie, it had and still has a huge influence on the pop culture. Yet, all those lessons have somehow got lost in the conscious of modern teenagers.

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Social studies report that bullying is losing it power at schools. Great news! The longer a child is staying at school, the smaller the chance that he or she will become a victim of bullies. In high school, for example, it`s less noticeable than in middle school. I`m just glad that modern kids don`t follow the steps of Regina George.

They say that kids are cruel and mean. Some people are sure that it`s nothing but empty words. So, are there bad kids and good kids? Not really. Psychologists claim that at a certain age children have their first struggles with socializing. They drift apart from their parents and spend a significant amount of time away from family. They need a group of peers in order to survive. Of course, there are exceptions, but in general, early teen years are a very tricky age.

Elementary school is full of nice kids. Basically, high school is full of nice kids either. But middle school is a turning point. That`s the time when teenagers go through a phase of formation of personality, tastes, and views. Sometimes they take bullying as the only way to prove that they are right, powerful, and influential.

You still might think that bullying has solely negative effects on souls and bodies of victims, but let us start with a positive thing.

Stand up for Yourself, Show Them the Real Deal

Studies have reported that the golden rule of parenting “don`t respond to bullying, they`ll get bored and leave you alone” simply doesn`t work. The research has shown that aggressive youngsters won`t stop their cruel actions if a victim doesn`t respond. What is more, they`ll see that their deeds are left without punishment, and they will even feel more powerful than ever.

No article and no newspaper is qualified enough to give you a definite answer whether a child should or shouldn`t fight back. And we mean it figuratively because physical fight may put you into the vicious circle of violence. But we`re living in a civilized society after all.

Psychologists say that in general, very aggressive response won`t lead to a happy end as well. It has to be well thought out.

When kids don`t hesitate to stand their ground, it provides a great benefit to their psychological development. It`s been stated that they become more mature, and this experience will help them in further life. Do you know those people who can be easily pushed around? Yes, bullying can have a significant impact on adult life.

Mature Kids with Bad Grades

Bad Grades

Despite this one positive factor, bullying is all but a positive phenomenon. We`ve managed to find one good thing about it, but that`s all. I guess you`ve heard about terrifying cases when bullying caused deep depressions and even suicides, but we`re not going to talk about them because this information is dark and, well, pretty widespread. There is a brand new social study that we`re eager to tell you about.

The research reports that bullied students have significantly lower grades. They have a hard time concentrating on academic success because they feel constant emotional pressure and anxiety. How is that even possible to focus on a math problem when all you can think about is the horror you`ve got to go through during the next break?

The kids who experience hard-core bullying may not attend some classes or skip school at all just to avoid this mental violence and verbal or physical assault.

It`s a wide known fact that girls study better than boys. We are just speaking the language of statistics here, so no offense, all right? At the same time, boys become the victims of bullies more often than girls. I feel like there must be some kind of correlation here.

If you think that you need to know more in order to see this correlation, don`t hesitate to check out this article and find more information on the issue.

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