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The Best Essay Topics from Davos 2018

Flag of Switzerland

If it seems to you that only 20-something-year-old students of colleges and universities are expected to write exhaustive essays and give eloquent speeches about the latest world news, let me shake this opinion of yours today. Politicians, businessmen and businesswomen, journalists, and scientists, who are actually the main makers of that news, also have to be ready with smart writings and for persuasive talks at events which are much more important than your tests or even final exams.

Argumentative Essay: Trigger Warnings in Literature Classes

Trigger Warning Sign

I still remember how desperate I felt when I found out about the hidden meanings of some good old fairy tales for kids. I really want to believe that Hans Christian Anderson and Brothers Grimm didn’t have any idea of what the original tales, which they took for their stories, implied actually. But if someone can rationally prove that those authors selected the “materials” intentionally, I swear my children will read their works only after they will be older than 10, or even 15.

Money-Saving Barriers: Research Paper Idea


There is a project “America Saves” which was launched by a non-profit organization in the USA and offers a lot of tools and solutions to help people to achieve their saving goals. Have you ever thought why some organizations like this, that do not have any benefit from a process, are encouraged to help you to save money and not to spend it? In fact, a habit of saving solves many issues, such as education debt or wedding credits if you start developing it early enough. Here we offer you to become aware of the barriers that hinder evolving of your saving habit and start overcoming them.

Essay on a Saving Habit: Part 1

 Piggy Bank

Financial awareness is a kind of a trend nowadays. People are learning how to invest money successfully using very innovative tools for that. However, the very first step to a right behavior with money is knowing how to save them and doing it on a daily basis. It is not as easy as asking a math homework doer for help, - to count your budget, you need to take it more seriously. The US employers encourage their employees to set an option of saving a certain amount monthly or investing it in pension accounts. There are some projects that help people to set their saving goals and achieve them. If you experience issues with keeping your balance positive during the month and making serious purchases (more expensive than $500), this essay is what you need to read right now.

Programs for Families Abroad: Summer Studies


One can’t forget about family programs that are also represented by language schools all over the world. Family programs are made for children of the age from 5 to 15 and their parents that are willing to combine amazing free time abroad and introduction to a new culture with the foreign language studying included. This type of spending one’s summer is chosen by those families who get used to relaxing together and want to get some unforgettable memories and positive experience together with their children.

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