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New Flavors for a Good Old Fellow Coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks, as not only it tastes great, but it can also be our saving elixir before an important meeting, our helping hand during the preparation to the exam, our sleepless friend who is always there to wake us up. Coffee can also make our brains work faster for a certain period of time. However, if you feel tired of gripping a cup of coffee on the way to the university or having a single shot of espresso every morning, here are some ideas on how to freshen this tradition up.

ice cream coffee

Iced Vanilla Coffee

Before you start making your coffee, place a cup into the freezer. Froth three teaspoons of milk and add two teaspoons of caramel syrup to it. Prepare two shots of espresso, pour them into the cold cup and immediately place a ball of vanilla ice cream on it. Add the caramel foam and enjoy!

Chocolate Macchiato

Pour 20 ml of chocolate syrup into the glass; cover it with the desired amount of milk (about 50 ml). Carefully add espresso lungo (this is regular espresso with more water, making it 50-60 ml), in the way that it does not mix with the milk. Top the drink with whipped cream.

White mocha

Melt 50 gr of white chocolate and place it into the cup. Add 50 ml of warm milk to the chocolate without mixing. Prepare a classical black coffee or an espresso and carefully pour it into the cup. You can also add some whipped cream if you like.

fancy coffee

Banana split

A secret for making this coffee is to find the combination of the cup and biscuits, so the cookie does not fall into the cup. Put a teaspoon of brown sugar into the cup. Add 40 ml of coffee and pour cold and thick milk foam. Place a biscuit on the top of the drink, add banana pieces and cover them by the caramel syrup.

Coffee with mango

Place some ice cubes into the cup and add half a glass of mango juice. Prepare an espresso and milk foam. Add coffee and milk in layers. You can add a waffle or a piece of dark chocolate to the drink.

Additional recipe:

This is a recipe for a day-off after a hard working week, as even preparing it is an exciting experience.

Dream of a pirate

For this coffee you will need to prepare a double shot espresso. Pour 30 ml of white rum into the cup and ignite it with a match. Add 15 ml of coconut syrup into the cup while the rum is still burning and cover it up with a plate. The only thing left is to add the coffee and top the drink with whipped cream.

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