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Color Affects Our Life: Is This A Myth or Reality?

Colors similarly affect everyone and this was proven by a lot of researches. It affects our health, relationships with other people etc. Some colors make us calm, while others cause aggression. There are even some color variants, which have a positive impact on the learning process.

A Rainbow

The Language of Colors: What Emotional Influence Do Colors Have?

The palette of colors is quite wide. Thus, using it, we should understand the significance of all colors and apply this knowledge wisely:

  1. The Color of Leaders

    The influence of the red color is the strongest among other colors. For instance, for Chinese people this color is the symbol of happiness, generosity. In India it is connected with the life energy. According to the results of research, the red color has the best effect in the morning. It helps to be vigorous for the whole day. If you want to keep warm, red woolen socks is the best choice, as they will warm you up physically and mentally.

  2. The Color of Positive

    Orange is the active and businesslike color. It symbolizes career growth and success in business. Its usage is beneficial to the brain, stimulates the activity and creativity. Besides, it affects the concentration. Orange is extremely useful during the negotiations: it helps to establish a dialogue with the interlocutor. If you are going to start a family, you should be surrounded by it too.

  3. The Color of the Sun

    Yellow is the color of gold. For instance, in Brazil this color symbolizes despair; for the Russian people yellow is a sign of separation. It gives us energy, has a positive influence on our memory and improves the thinking process. With the help of this color, we can develop our skills. Yellow makes a favorable effect on our skin, restoring its softness and elasticity.

  4. The Color of the Nature

    The main purpose of the green color is the preservation of wealth and prosperity. Moreover, green color is a color of nature. Therefore, if you have the lack of green nature around, you can just go for a walk in the park. A good note is that lamps contours in your bedroom can be in this color too.

  5. The Color of Angels

    Blue, like white is a divine color. In China, a blue color is a symbol of the Tao, in India it is a symbol of truthfulness. In Brazil blue is a symbol of sorrow. In addition to this, blue is the color of creativity, so it is recommended for classrooms or offices. It makes communication easier.

  6. The Color of Success

    White is the color of prosperity. If you want other people to like you, you should choose this color. Furthermore, it makes a positive effect on mood and physical condition of the person.

    Successful Person
  7. The Color of Depression

    The black color symbolizes repentance, sin, silence and emptiness. Very often it becomes the symbol of depression and uncertainty. A person wearing black clothes feels the lack of something and tries to find it.

  8. The Romantic Color

    The pink color is enjoyed by pragmatics, because it looks romantic and frivolous. It is connected with love and sentimentality. However, it also gives a sense of calmness and security. Of course, it is worth mentioning, that pink characterizes those people, who are afraid of making decisions by themselves.

  9. The Color of Wisdom

    The purple color symbolizes wisdom, associated with artistry, great ideas. It always presents in the clothes of kings. It is very popular among creative individuals.

So, we must admit, that the role of colors in our life is really great. If you know the colors` value, you will achieve success in your life easier.

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