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Is Competition Good: Argumentative Essay

Athlete Runs

It is still a part of the discussion if competition is good or bad. In fact, it depends on context, for example, emulation between athletes is necessary, and it is actually good one, but the opposition between children leads to sad results. And what about students? It is so far a topic for debate. There are several arguments why competition is useful and some disadvantages of it.

Achieving a Goal

Competitive spirit really helps people to reach their goals. It is no secret that a rival gives more than a friend, it induces you to self-improvement and even greater efforts. If one tries to be better than their contender, they will achieve the goal faster and more effectively. Per contra, competition can be unfair; sometimes, people decide to break their moral beliefs in order to win. It happens that two contestants turn into the true enemies and lose their humanity and compassion.

Market Rivalry

For an ordinary customer, prices on food, clothes and other goods play a great role. Market rivalry gives up a possibility to buy high-quality things at low prices; moreover, it is useful for the economy development in the country. Also, opposition in business gives a chance for development for small manufacturers. Of course, fair trading has lots of benefits both for businessmen and customers. However, that kind of competition is not always as clear as it seems to be. The jungle of business can be brutal and disgusting. Sometimes, traders don’t abhor the dirtiest ways of customers attracting. Manufacturers start dishonest rumors about their competitors, delude customers etc.

At School

There are two points of view on the issue of competition at school. Some people find it good for kids, as they can learn how to win and, what is more important, how to lose at an early age. Children, while competing, are taught that participation is more important than winning. They also develop such qualities as helpfulness, ability to work in team, perseverance and patience. It is a nice idea to arrange competitions between classes or school sports teams. However, usually, kids don’t realize that rivalry in certain activities or games shouldn’t be transferred to real life. Much worse is when parents start comparing their child with others. That way, he or she suffers from the big moral pressure and can gain several complexes for the whole life.

Kids Play Football

Sport Competition

It is hard to disagree that competitive spirit is, perhaps, the main sense of sport. Athletes train a lot, improve their physical shape in order to win their opponents and achieve an award. They are accustomed to the victories as well as to the losses, but anyway, sportsmen suffer a jolt while conceding. The negative side of sports competition is that often it is cruel and rough. Athletes gain plenty injures at their contests. In football matches, for instance, players usually jostle and trip each other. Furthermore, because of the desire to win, sportsmen forget about their health and use doping, without carrying about consequences.

All in all, completion has its good and bad qualities, and it is hard to say if it is really great and beneficial. They say, moderation should be in all things, and this one is not an exception. It is vital to be able to save your human qualities while competing.

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