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Let Your Dog Be Your Teacher Sometimes

Sometimes our dogs seem to be wiser concerning their life attitude and behavior. Thus, there are a few things we cab learn from them.

Be happy and grateful for the simple things.

It is amazing how it never gets old for your dog to get excited about going for a walk or playing with its favorite toy. With millions of small and big events going on in our lives every day, we often stop noticing small things around us, we stop being grateful for what we have. Big things change our direction in life, but the small ones create an atmosphere. Open your eyes and see not only all those great things you will achieve in future, but all the ones that you already have. Take a moment to realize how happy you are already and how grateful you should be.

Live here and now

It is one of the greatest mysteries of theatre, where you can be a part of something that is happening right where you are and at that very moment. It is something that many eastern and western philosophies are trying to teach their followers. It is something that your dog has a priory. Living here and now – sounds as something very simple and obvious, but in reality most of us spend most of their lives either in their memories, or making plans for the future. Take a moment, stop and look around – don’t let your life pass by, feel yourself right where you are and with the ones around you at that moment. You might be surprised!

Here and now

Rest when you need that

Your dog knows that in order to be happy and active it needs to get enough sleep. Are you sure that you always follow that simple rule? You can have huge plans, but if you do not get enough rest, at some point your body and mind may just refuse to help you with them. Take care of yourself and be ready to meet each new day with enough energy for new achievements!

Don’t try to seem silly or funny

Your dog doesn’t care what it looks like, it does what it wants and is happy about that. Don’t let the fear of other people`s opinions stop you from doing something what will make you happy! It is your life and it is up to you what you will be able to tell your grandchildren about it. You do not have to adjust and meet other people’s expectations of what a “normal” grown-up has to do and how he/she has to behave. Be yourself and let others adjust to that if they need to!

Be yourself

Show your love to the ones you care about

Your dog is someone who will never turn its back on you and will always show how much it loves you, no matter what you do. Don’t forget to remind others how much they mean to you. They should never have a single doubt in that. Make sure that your dear ones know that you are always there for them, always on their side, always ready to support them in anything they do. Remember, that sometimes it is important to simply be around. Just like your dog does for you.

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