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Four Criteria for Effective Essay Writing

Judge in Court

Any work presented at school or at college is evaluated by a standard set of criteria. These criteria may differ based on the institution, but all have the same basis under them. Sometimes we use our best effort to create a work that in our opinion is perfect, and it may as well be, but it gets marked lower because it does not meet the standards. In order to write an essay efficiently, we need to pay attention to these four aspects of composing and turning in our work.

#1 Tidiness & Presentation

Often overlooked even by the smartest students, one of the criteria is how presentable your work looks. Usually, the font and size of the text are set, the gap between the lines calculated and the margins of the paper considered. It is a great pity to see a wonderful essay content-wise that gets a lower mark because it does not meet the formality of the presentation. As a bonus, be sure that the paper does not get crumpled in your bag, and the front page looks tidy and clean. A little attention to details will tell a lot about your personality and unconsciously swing your professor to the right side.

#2 Organized Structure

A thing that you will perfectly remember since school: the structure of your paper is important. Not only the outside should meet the formal standards, but also the content of your paper needs to be in line. Organize your paragraphs, make an outline before writing. Think about how many pages, paragraphs and ideas you want to include in your essay. Do not forget about the conclusions, as they are the core of your essay, where you analyze or state the importance of your work as a whole.

#3 Cohesive Thoughts

Now that you are sure of the structure and the outlook of your paper, you need to get your thoughts on the right track. What exactly needs to be said in your paper? What evidence will you provide to amplify the voice of your statements? Imagine that you are loading the cargo on the express train. What compartments will get the facts, which ones will have the conclusions, and how will you bind them together to make the train one whole machine? A logically precise paper is going to be a delightful read for your professor.

Toy Express Train

#4 Creativity

This one may be the toughest of the bunch, but it is the aspect where you can truly add something new to the table. It is one thing to write a dry factual essay, but completely another to leave a piece of your personality in your writing. In order to stand out from the crowd, you will need to find a way to shine and bring the spotlight to yourself. This is a must-follow rule in creative writing, but the truth is that much of who you are can be seen in other types of writing as well. Your input will be valuable and noticeable to any professor.

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