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Essay and Essay Writing: What Is It about?

Everybody has ever faced a need to complete an essay. But, can you actually define, what an essay is and what makes it different from other types of writing? Essay is not a random piece of writing, and if you approach it that way, get ready for a failure. Students often submit papers calling them essays, even though they have written something completely different from essays. Get aware of what you are required to deliver if you got an essay assignment.

History of the Term

The word ‘essay’ derived from the Latin word ‘exagium’, which literally means weighing. As term ‘essay’ was considered to be French, it is also necessary to mention its meaning from French, which is “a trial, sketch”.

Definition of the Term ‘Essay’

We can define an essay as a short prosaic composition with the free structure, which expresses individual impressions and opinions on some particular topic. Some scientists add that essay deals with giving information on a certain issue not in a systematical and scientific way, but the author is free to choose the composition of his writing, so the writer actually states his personal position through writing. Now you have learned that essay writing type is personal and has less limitations and restrictions than you may have thought about. Here are some more features of an essay.

Basic Features of a Common Essay

Here is a set of characteristic features, by which you can easily recognize an essay.

  1. A Particular Topic or Question

    To meet the classical demands to essay writing, you should not select a wide topic. Your reflections should deal with a narrow topic or one aspect of a wide topic.

  2. Expressing Point of View

    A writer expresses his personal opinion on the issue, and this does not mean that he states it as the only truth. Essay writing is always subjective, and under no conditions should be considered as completely trustworthy.

  3. Showing the Personality of the Writer

    Having read an essay you may evaluate the personality of the person, who has completed it: the writer`s outlook, interests, feelings, position and thoughts concerning some events and problems.

    Showing a personality

Purpose of Essay Writing

Today essays may be required in different life situations: either by professors as academic assignments, or by HR managers as a part of the application documents` set. However, the overall purpose is the same: to disclose the personality of the person writing it. To be more detailed, the purposes will vary depending on the situation:

  1. A Scholarship Essay

    Usually, a person needs to write an essay to apply for a scholarship. This essay needs to impress and concentrate on the student`s aims and motivation, as well as show his ability to approach issues extra-ordinary.

  2. A Job Application Essay

    To apply for a job one needs to complete an essay as well. Often this is an essay on the topic “My Career Perspectives” or something of the kind. The person needs to be fair and sincere in telling about their goals and career history. If one tries to lie, the essay will be considered as not trustworthy and he is likely to fail.

    Job application

  3. An Academic Essay

    An essay as an academic assignment may be assigned on practically all subjects. It helps a student to learn more on a certain specific issue within the required subject and develops a number of skills. Indeed, while writing an essay you learn how to concisely and clearly express your thoughts, structure the information, use the new terms, define the cause and effect chains, illustrate your experience with the relevant examples, and provide the valid arguments on a certain opinion.

No matter what kind of essay you write, understand the value of your personal thoughts, and do not be afraid to speak your mind. This will help you to create an extra-ordinary masterpiece!

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