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Feel Nervous While Writing Exams

Anxious Person

We all have our moments, when the nerves get the best of us. How do you manage that? Yes, for the regular homework you can get help at WeDoHomework.Net, but what happens when you are writing an important exam? "A little party never killed nobody" or you need to acknowledge that feeling your knees tremble under the table is okay. When people are under pressure, it’s hard for them to concentrate. So, nerves can actually help you to focus. Shock alert — feeling nervous isn’t as half as bad as you think. Do you know that most firemen say that nerves are something that keep them away from standing like a tree and doing nothing? I mean if they need it — you can at least try it.

Sedative Pills: Yes or No?

Sedative pills might actually feel like the best option. Let me assure you: they are not. Let’s start with some basics. There are two types of anti-anxiety pills. First are tranquilizers, for example, Xanax, Klonopin and Valium, next to them are antidepressants such as Zoloft, Lexapro and Paxil. People use them to treat anxiety, depression and other mental health problems. Why can't you use any of them? First of all, to get the most out of anti-anxiety meds, you need to take them regularly. Stopping and starting it again will mess with your body and brain and just simply isn't worth it in the long run. So, whenever you feel stressed about a task with a pressing deadline, you should spend money on a homework doer rather than on medicines. Second of all, by calming you, sedative pills also make you slower and you will not be as sharp as you are. In conclusion, writing an exam would be harder. And, to finish this debate, look at paragraph 1: feeling nervous actually helps you. You're taking that away from yourself by taking the meds.

Autotuning and Auto-Training

Don't skip this part! Most students think that psychological tricks and autotuning are not a solution. But I can bet most of these people never seriously tried them. Auto-training can help you in ways that you didn’t even imagine. I’m sure you’ve heard about cases when patients won over cancer simply believing that they will be healthy. Your thoughts are genuinely stronger than you think. And if people can cure themselves of deadly diseases, you, sure as hell, can calm yourself while writing any kind of exam (midterm, final, SAT). Here are some simple yet effective exercises to calm yourself, but remember: you need to believe that they are going to help.

  1. "Frontal attack" — you need to pick up a phrase that expresses the attitude towards writing an exam, and after that you need to pronounce it with sense, repeatedly, while feeling of anxiety will start to weaken.
  2. Repeatedly for a day pronounce words that trigger your anxiety: "exam," "test," "final" — until the word stops being the triggering one.
  3. Remembering a very heavy situation from life of other people can make you realize that your own difficulties aren’t as painful.
  4. Before the exam, try to calm your friend who feels nervous. Same as that person, you may become calmer.

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