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6 Unusual Ways How to Spend a First Date with Taste

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The first date is one of the most exciting events in every human life. Both boys and girls are waiting for this moment and think about possible variants of spending this time. Girls are dreaming about romantic atmosphere, and boys are afraid of spoiling the moment as it is their first romantic meeting.

Unfortunately, not always the first date could be full of positive emotions and memories. Sometimes, the first date could become the worst day in human life. Therefore, it would be quite useful to plan this day in advance in order to impress your partner. So here are some tips on how to spend this exciting day regardless your preferences and desire.

Climbing Wall

This kind of spending the first date refers to the people who aren’t afraid of physical activities. Doing sport together is a good way of spending time. Moreover, it is beneficial to your health. According to some statistics, girls do not mind spending time doing sports because it has a positive impact on their figures. On this matter, climbing wall may become a great opportunity to realize conceived.


What could be better than unforgettable memories after watching a show in dolphinarium? Yes, you are right. Nothing can compare with these wonderful animals. These creatures are able to deliver bright emotions and perfect mood within few seconds. Therefore, it is a wonderful place for spending the first day. The atmosphere assumes a romantic mood and at the same time easy, fun and relaxed ambiance.

Evening of Literature

A nice restaurant, amazing dinner, and magic poems are great constituents of the perfect first date. This includes two types of entertainment which signify a romantic dinner with a part of the art. Moreover, an evening of literature could entail the piece of creativity. For instance, you can propose your girlfriend deep into the sphere of literature which could imply writing essays, poems, etc. But this refers to girl who is fond of this type of art. Otherwise, it could be uncomfortable for girl to reveal her unawareness.

Attend a Master Class

This type of spending the first date has a wide range of opportunities. Moreover, nowadays, it is becoming one of the most popular ways of spending dates. You can choose any class which you are ready to attend according to your preferences. For instance, it could be a master class on cooking, pottery or scrapbooking. Therefore, it would be really interesting pastime because you will get not only emotions but also some useful skills.

Make a Picnic


If it is good weather, it will be a great idea to use it! Make a nice picnic in a lovely park and enjoy fresh air and nature. In simplicity is its uniqueness. Some sandwiches and cupcakes could help you to make this perfect day. Moreover, it could be quite useful to take some games to have fun.


Visiting a concert of her favorite singer or group is a great step towards the girl’s heart. Your girl would be impressed with visiting this concert, and this kind of entertainment could bring pleasure to both of you. On this point, it would be quite a romantic evening.

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