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Ways for a Student to Become More Confident Part 1

Confident Student

Success in studying and life can’t be reached randomly. You need to work on yourself every day.

Teach Yourself to Get Up Early

First three hours after awakening mean the period when it is the easiest time for you to concentrate. The most difficult thing for you in the morning is to make yourself get out of bed and pass through five minutes of discomfort. The trick is that you get up as soon as the alarm rings and start doing something. Take a shower or just move to another room. It is important to change environment in order to avoid getting tempted by the warm bed. Otherwise, you’ll blame yourself for that during the whole day.

These five minutes of discomfort will determine what kind of a day you are going to have: a successful or an average one. What will be the rest of your decisions if your first choice in the morning is to nap more? What will your life look like if you go on doing similar things day after day?

Start the Day with Priority Task

It is not enough to just get up early. You need to start doing a thing which is important for you at once. Imagine that you need to gather stones into a bucket. If you put small stones there first, then there will be no space to place large ones some time later. But if you act in the opposite way and gather large stones first, small ones are going to fill gaps easily. Same thing works with tasks.

Deal with priority objectives first and fill the rest of your day with less important tasks.

Overcome Your Resistance and Do that Avoided Task

Most probably, you have an important objective in your life: for instance, to write a thesis paper, a serious essay, a coursework, or to learn a foreign language. And you avoid doing that task as long as you can. It is very easy to fill that time with urgent tasks and hobbies, but the thought about postponing anything important for your goal achievement will follow you all the time.

Make yourself work on something you avoid at least for a couple of hours. You are going to feel a serious energy charge for sure. You’ll gain motivation. You’ll want to do more in other fields of your life, too.

Use Various Learning Styles

Everyone has their own dominating style of learning. People believe that they can develop themselves only in patterns their learning style puts for them. And they think other styles to be unavailable: “I can’t make it that way”.

For instance, you are a student who is good in math. You are a perfect analyst, you see problems and failures as possibilities to learn something new. But what you don’t like is writing. You think writing is not yours and you’ll never do that well. You think that there is no that talent in you.

That is wrong. Everyone can make it through various learning styles. By going in for things that seem to be complicated you activate brain zones which remained passive before. You move after goals positioned beyond your comfort zone.

You become more confident when successfully doing complicated things.

Determine Reasons of Your Goals

Think about what you want. Then think why that is so important for you. Don’t think for too long, give the first answer that appears in your mind.

For instance, if you want to work at home as a freelancer, the chain of questions and answers would look like the following:

  • Why is it important for me to work remotely?
  • I need a flexible working schedule.
  • Why do I need a flexible working schedule?
  • That is how I feel less stress and pressure.
  • Why is it important for me to feel less stress and pressure?
  • I work better and feel happier when it is possible for me to control my life.

Do this exercise with each goal you set. Try asking seven questions for each goal.

If to be honest with yourself, you can find key events that formed you as a person.

People often see only their “surface” motivation. As a result, their actions come not from their real wish. Understand your “deep” motivation. And then remind yourself about it every day. 

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