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What Scares Away Guys: 8 Unexpected Things

Girl Hugging a Guy

You’ve just met a prince on a white horse. Obviously, you want to impress him. But unfortunately, you have a terrible experience with previous guys. You went on dates but after the third meeting, he told you that you weren’t “that” girl. Don’t be upset. Everything is fixable.

But pay attention to the fact that we do not encourage you to communicate with guys only in accordance with the scheme that is written in this article. But if you want to please the boy or minimize problems in the relationship, just take it into consideration.

You Say Nasty Things About Your Ex

Actually, guys do not really like when we are talking about our past. Especially, when we are talking about our ex-boyfriends. Maybe, you think that when you are presenting this information in a terrible manner, you prove to your new boyfriend that you have forgotten your ex. But it is a wrong impression. After all, if you are talking about an ex-boyfriend in this way, you're going to do the same thing with a guy who is close to you right now.

You Are Constantly with Friends

It sounds silly, but the boys don’t like to be in the girl's company. And if you're always surrounded by friends, it looks like you do not want to be alone with him. It is much easier and more enjoyable to talk to you face to face.

You Criticize Yourself Too Much

It may seem odd, but the guys do not like when you are talking bad things about yourself, even if you are joking. Therefore, you could be seen as an unconfident person.

You Agree with Everything That He Says

If you think that it is the best way to show him that you're perfectly suited to each other, you are wrong. As a result, he may decide that you don’t have your own opinion. You must agree that it is more enjoyable to talk to the person who has its own thoughts and ideas.

You Are Constantly Complaining

He hears only negative from your side. You are always dissatisfied with everything. You have to write school essay, make a presentation, clean your room, etc. Well, think about it. You are a clever girl.

You Are Always with Phone

Girl With Phone

Yes. We live in the 21st century, and we can’t imagine our life without smartphones, tablets or computers. We understand that. But if you're interested in a guy and he is near you, just put the phone away. You will be pleasant too, if the guy is looking at you, not at the screen.

You Are Always Making Shots on Social Networks

You upload photos with him without asking his opinion. Every step you take instantly becomes the property of thousands of your lovely friends in Instagram. Yes, you won’t believe, but maybe he wants to keep at least part of your relationship between you.

You Look Bored

If you are always looking bored, your guy may decide that you aren’t interested in him. For instance, you came at the party but didn’t communicate to somebody. You may seem unapproachable and disaffected. But bored view does not seem cool and does not tell about your intelligence as you might think. No, it's just kind of boring. And your guy may decide that you don’t want to spend time with him.

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