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Habits to Get Rid Of

If you are tired of feeling unhappy, change the way you think and behave. For example, you should get rid of the habits that prevent you from feeling good.

A habit to compare yourself to others

We all love doing that, don’t we? On the one hand, seeing someone’s success stimulates you to work harder and to achieve more. But on the other hand, each of us is unique, and what is good for one person may be absolutely unacceptable for another. We should think wisely about what is best for us and what goals we should set for ourselves. We will be happy only if we live our own, not our neighbor’s life.


A habit to regret about your past

There are thousands of things in the past you would love to change. How many times each of us thinks: “What if there was a time machine. I would do so many things differently and would be so much happier now!” Ray Bradbury has a short story about time travelling. The main rule of such journeys in that story was not to change anything in the past. One of the time tourists has accidentally stepped on the butterfly and killed it. When they came back to their time everything was different there, they couldn’t recognize their country. This wise short story shows that there is some connection between everything in our life. What happens to us in the past makes us who we are now; we should appreciate that and learn from our own mistakes.

A habit to “live in the future”

Our life is full of phrases like “When I grow up…”, “When I finish college”, “When I get married…”, “When the summer comes…”. We live in constant expectations; it always seems to us that we will finally do so much when something happens. The thing is, that those promises to ourselves come true quite rarely. When what we had been waiting for happens, we either forget, or do not have time and energy anymore to do what we had promised to ourselves. As a wise man said, “life is what goes by while we make plans for the future”, so we should stop waiting and start acting!

Start acting

A habit to be liked by everyone

Desire to be admired is natural for everyone, but sometimes it goes over limits, when it becomes crucial for a person to be liked by everyone. It is very easy to lose yourself, to forget who you really are when trying to be good for everyone. No matter what you do, there will always be someone who doesn’t like you, so isn’t it better to be with people who know you and love you just for being yourself?

A habit to underestimate what you have now

It is in human nature to always desire more, our wants constantly grow – as soon as one need is met there comes the next one. But it is important to appreciate what you have at the moment, to be proud of all your small or big achievements, to be happy with what you have and where you are. The thing is that our future becomes our present some day and it is important to be able to appreciate what you have right now in order to enjoy your life.

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