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Leaders and Managers: Difference

Leader Talking

Many people find management and leadership to be similar things. However, it is definitely wrong, as there are lots of differences between these two concepts. Of course, it is hard to disagree that these points are close and linked with each other. The goal in both may be the same, but the methods of its reaching are diverse. In this article, the main inequalities among leaders and managers are named and described. That may be helpful for making a college research or essay on this theme.

Ready for Changes

Leaders are people who are ready to change established rules and orders, they can admit challenges and prove their opinion. The courage matters in that case. Managers per contra used to follow determined discipline strictly even if it is non-effective.


The way of communication with people is various for these two concepts. Leadership demands making a close contact with each member of the team. One has to take every suggestion into consideration. The true leader can inspire and affect others. Workers respect him for personal qualities and special approach to everyone. Management per contra rule people but don’t motivate and inspire them. Its task is making a strong team with the strict following of the work rules. Sure, the manager has to pay attention to employees needs as well.

Work at Office

Width of View

Managers see the goal and build the methods and plants for its reaching, however, they care about a short period of time. However, they need to make strategies and vital decisions as well. Leaders conversely think about the perspectives in the future, consequences of work and orient on people more than on material target.

Team Work

While a manager is trying to control and rule the people, leaders instead of it create powerful teams, based on respect and tolerance to each other. Of course, the second variant if more effective for reaching success in any field. Leadership concept means establishing a close contact with every worker, sharing his needs and interests, estimating him or her as individuality and so on.


Surely, leaders are usually creative and original people, with plenty of ideas and ability to realize it. Managers per contra may have some sapid notions but are not skilled and professional enough to make them real. Moreover, the first type of authority can find unusual ways of troubles’ solving and create a specific approach to each task.

All in all, despite there if a link between leadership and management it is still two various things. For becoming a leader one needs to have a talent, managers, on the other hand, may be taught and educated, it doesn’t mean they are worse or less skilled. However, the first type of rulers can build more powerful and reliable team, which can reach goals quickly and gets inspiration from its boss. Putting a person with leadership talent and developed features means that work will be well organized, with no conflicts, effective and pleasant. It should be mentioned that communication between members depends on the director as well.

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