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How to Attract Your Professor`s Attention?

Professors are the people with key roles in the studying process. They can inspire or discourage you, make you more successful or help to fail the class. Professors and instructors are deciding on many things in your school fate, therefore, we highly recommend that you become friends with them. In this article we will not explicate the manual of how to have pajama parties, go to cinema, or drink coffee with your profs but will, for sure, reveal some secrets how to catch their attention and make them believe that you are a good student.

  • Be Proactive.

    If you want the professor to pay attention to you – be worth attention. Try to show that you are interested, make notes, and ask questions. Avoid texting messages to your friends, playing games on your phone, taking selfies, and even preparing to the other classes. You may not disturb the professor with it but it will definitely be a sign of your disrespect. Try to be initiative and attentive and you will be deemed as a really nice student worthy to get an excellent mark.

  • Keep an Eye Contact.

    It may seem a very small thing but indeed it is important to look at your professor during the lecture. First of all, he or she will feel it and will be more enthusiastic about teaching you. Secondly, this will demonstrate that you are more interested in the lecture than in the weather outside the window or your phone applications.

  • Take Part in Discussions.

    Class, discussion

    Do not be passive or indifferent when a discussion is occurring in the class. You must have your personal opinion about the issue, which is being talked about, and have to reveal your arguments and proofs. For real, it is a great pleasure to be listened to and have an opportunity to take a word about a certain topic.

  • Learn What Your Prof Is Interested In.

    If you need to become closer to your professor try what he or she is passionate about. You may ask the prof to share more information about the hobby or to ask questions about it, which will show that you are really interested in it too. However, make sure that you do not cross the comfort zone of your professor. Some people are not friendly enough to tell students about personal things. This trick can work with people that you are sure that they want to share such information.

  • Send an E-mail.

    Letters, emails

    In most cases professors give their emails to students at the beginning of the course for the case if they have any questions. Use this chance to get remembered by your prof and send an email before the next class. However, do not send email without any serious purpose (do not make your prof think that you are a spammer). Try to act genuine and express you appreciation of the previous lecture, show your interest in certain points, or ask for clarifications of the things that were not understandable enough for you or syllable for the next class or task for future.

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