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How to Write Essays Like Marilynne Robinson?

Writing an Essay

How about starting with a logical question that has popped up in your head: “Who is Marilynne Robinson?”

What? Don`t you know her? Shame on you! But that`s alright. Speaking completely frankly, I had no idea who that woman was. But after I read about a dozen of her essays and decided to do my own essay about her, I can tell you for sure that she`s a genius. You`ll have to get to the dictionary from time to time (or too many times) in order to understand the meaning of the words she uses in her works.

“A sign of lingering prejudice against the vernacular” is one of the simple parts that you`ll find in Ms. Robinson’s works. Don`t worry though, you`ll find so much useful stuff there.

Have you noticed that you`ve been lacking some vocabulary? Obviously, we have absolutely no doubts about your intellectual skills, but it may happen that your fellow students use all those fancy words and phrases. Why would you say “consequential” if you can stick to “important” till the end of your life? Sounds pretty lame. You do have to know all those words if you`re studying at university.

And now you know how to get those words into your head, and you`ll learn how to use those in the right context.

Of course, you can go as far as just reading those essays. Or you can get out of that cozy comfort zone and try to write something at least remotely similar. No copying though! You do know how serious WeDoHomework.net team is about plagiarizing, don`t you?

It`s one thing that you take some phrases of an unknown author from the Internet. And there is the whole other thing when you practically steal from a world known essayist.

Being Straightforward Pays Off

Telling the Truth

How many times did you want to say something but you didn`t because you thought it would be perceived as something inappropriate, unconventional, hurtful? Sometimes we just have to say those words because no other person will dare to do this.

That`s basically what Marilynne`s philosophy of life looks like. Even if certain people may consider her words as offensive, it won`t stop her from expressing her own opinion. No, you shouldn`t think of her as of some sort of sociopath or just a mean person.

The world nowadays is so scared to seem even remotely intolerant that it can`t simply digest the truth. For example, in her essay “Fear” you can spot a firm but a subtle way the author is criticizing the major role of religion in the United States. She`s an American, by the way, and those guys treat religion (Marilynne, in fact, was focusing on Christianity) as an integral part of their lives.

What is more, people who moved from the USA to one of the European countries claim that you can`t just tell Americans that you`re an atheist. Most of them won`t understand you and definitely won`t support your choice.

So, the rule number one from the Pulitzer prize winner (can`t believe I haven`t mentioned this fact yet) Marilynne Robinson is boldness and straightforwardness. Even if you know that your opinion isn`t accepted by society, why won`t you take a risk and express it? Usually, intellectuals respect those who aren`t afraid of their own thoughts, so there is a huge chance that your professor will praise you for such audacity.

The Style of Writing

Gentleman with a Newspaper

One more thing that you can learn from this American writer is her ability to compose sentences in the most magnificent way. When you`re reading her works, it may seem at first that their structure is quite complicated. But those essays aren`t meant to be read on the public transport on your way to university. These essays should be like a morning newspaper for an English gentleman – the one he`s reading while sipping on a cup of tea.

By the way, why does cinematography usually depict a man with a newspaper, but a woman in most cases has a fashion magazine in her hands? This has just occurred to me out of the blue. Perhaps, this will give you a hint for your next essay on gender equality and stereotypes.

Anyway, the works of that ingenious lady will seem to be hard for perception only at first. The more you read, the clearer her ideas become to you.

She writes about modern times, about the problems of American pop culture, social and political systems. These are hot topics, that`s what people care about right now, and not only in the USA but all over the world. However, she manages to write about those problems in the most classy and perhaps even chic manner possible. You know, it`s like one of the “Jane Eyre” characters are talking to you straight from the pages.

If it`s appropriate to say that the language can be graceful and old-fashioned, then yes, that`s exactly how you want to describe the works of Marilynne Robinson. And if you want to get to know her and her writing style a bit better, just visit this site.

Meanwhile, our writers` team are ready to come to rescue if you`d like to pay someone to write an essay for you in Marilynne Robinson’s style today (or tonight).

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