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Master Program Letter of Motivation Writing Tips

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Nowadays most of the universities require applicants for master programs to send their cover letters together with all the other necessary papers and documents. By doing this, every student is given a chance to show their skills and strengths in a short piece of writing and prove that they are worth to be elected. Here some necessary tips on what is needed to be written in this writing and how to make it special and unique in order to be sure you are worth becoming a master student.

No Resume Repeating

The first common mistake most of the students make is writing a cover letter as if it is a short version of the resume. Just don't forget that your motivation letter will be sent in the same email as your actual resume so of course both of the writings will at least be reviewed. While writing your cover letter you have to concentrate on showing why you are genuinely interested in the field of the program and why your candidature is worth considering.

Why Is It Important?

In order to get accepted into a master program, all the students should go through a couple of evaluation stages. And if you are an excellent student with good grades and some useful experiences then your application will most likely make it to as far as last rounds where your chances of becoming a master student will depend largely on this small letter. The admission committee will have to choose the outstanding students among all the other excellent ones and a letter of motivation usually clearly shows that difference.

How to Show You Are an Outstanding Student?

The answer is easy - you have to show, not just tell. Everyone can write “I am very motivated to study tourism”, probably every second letter of motivation contains phrases like this. And while it may really be true, if you write it like that, your letter will sound trivial. So think how to express the same thing in a way that shows that you are motivated rather than tells that you are.

The Draft

When you start working on your letter, free yourself of all the secondary thoughts and allow to write about all the things that come to your head when you remember your experience. Write down the vivid descriptions of the feelings you have about your taken courses and acquired knowledge. This will help you to supply your essay with unique words that you can use later while writing the final version. This way you will free your letter of all the cliche phrases and make it different and personalized. The more specific words you use the more you will reflect the depth of your intellect and the more you will be showing your real feelings about the field of your studying.

Remember all the proposed tips while writing your letter and you have more chances to be applied for master’s program.

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