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In Front of Screen

Study, study and study again! To capture new knowledge, it is not necessary to spend your time in the classroom or read the books. Modern technologies become more popular, particularly online education. However, not all the students have the patience for such course. We have prepared basic tips to help you to navigate in this kind of self-education better.

Technical Advice

Open an online video course on a full screen. Close all other tabs, and also forget about checking an email and social networking during the training. Turn the sound off on the phone. Maybe, even put it in another room. Concentrate on what you study, so you can quickly gather strength and save time.

Tips for Time Management

Note the tasks in the calendar when you study online. Then you shall treat it as the duty. Moreover, set reminders in the calendar and phone. Learn online at work, but only with the permission of the manager. Most leaders are sympathetic to the aspirations of subordinate self-improvement and professional development. Some even pay for the certificate courses.

Tips for the Surrounding Space

Use soundproof headphones. Block all outside sounds and focus only on the task. Also, organize your studying space. You should find it comfortable and enjoyable. Place in this field several images that will inspire your success. The presence of goals written in the workspace will always help to see the main purpose. Do exercises during online training. But note that this only works if you want to listen to lectures, not write down or work on practical tasks.

Psychological Tricks

Reward yourself for the successful execution of small tasks. One completed task or topic is your little achievement. Buy yourself something tasty or just breathe fresh air outside. Also, record the achievements. Use the method "just start". This simple method claims, if you just make the first step the way is likely to continue. Open a web page, log in or start reading curriculum. Or just open the first lecture and allow it to boot. Using the method “just start” is much easier than the method of “just go on”. Get dressed for such online work! This trick will help you to behave professionally, be serious and focused on the task.

Like a method “just start” you can as well break the work into small sub-tasks to finish the course much easier, spending a few minutes per day.

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