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Standing Desks: The Best Option Every Student Should Consider

Standing Desk

Sitting isn`t cool anymore. You should get yourself one of those standing desks like all dope kids did. One a more serious note though: sitting isn`t only old-fashioned but really unhealthy. Of course, standing all day long won`t bring any benefits to your spine and knees as well, but sitting all day long may simply kill you. Not literally. But such lifestyle will bring the date of your death so much closer.

Bullying and Its New Impact on Students

Students Arguing

“Bullying” – this word is just everywhere nowadays, and that`s a positive tendency. Yes, yes, you got it right, that`s a good thing – not the phenomenon of bullying itself but the attention it gets. Back in the day, a smaller number of people were genuinely concerned about this. “Mean Girl” is such an iconic movie, it had and still has a huge influence on the pop culture. Yet, all those lessons have somehow got lost in the conscious of modern teenagers.

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