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Paper on 10 Steps to Become a Writer and Publish Novel


You must admit: while reading a cool book, at least once you have thought that you could write the same book and even better. And then such a thought comes to your mind from time to time. Maybe it was even a reason to enter the university and pick a major of Journalism. If it is not so, and you have been studying math at the university, still the career of a writer does not let you go because of that fantastic book that you once read at school.

Essay on the Magic of Self-Confidence

Self-Confident Person

Self-confidence is an essential trait of character as it implies an unbelievable power that contributes to success. Self-confidence is the key component on the way to achieving your goals. Many people could not reach their cherished desires only because of the fear of failure ... and the lack of belief in themselves, which prevented them from overcoming this fear. Let us be honest - it is almost impossible to allocate time for your dreams, to break down barriers, to be real if you are not assured in your mind and do not value yourself either.

Structure Your Thesis Correctly

Construction Site

The graduation thesis is something that invokes anxiety and terror in many students. This is completely understandable, because a lot of your work and effort will be put in it, and you are striving to make it to the best of your abilities and receive great results in the end. Some students are too caught up in their own problems, whether with the main subjects, or with their lack of money or relationship troubles to have some time to find out what your thesis should actually look like. This is not surprising, however not knowing what your goal is can slow down your work and make you lose a lot of time for editing and rewriting when you will not have the energy to do it correctly. That is why it is important to think about the structure of your thesis beforehand.

Sample Essay on Equality for College Students

Yin Yang

A word that is often talked about nowadays, discussed in the media and in college courses, is “equality”. What do we envision when we think about this word? Surely there are different people who have a variety of associations collocated with this topic. Even though the basic meaning of something being the same as something else immediately springs to mind, equality can have absolutely different interpretations and implications. Let us explore the concept of equality and how it can be achieved in the modern world.

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