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The Future of Human Work: Predictive Writing Ideas

Humans and Robots

Some of the prospects for our future may sound really daunting. But as long as the world’s leading experts in business and management, sociology, and artificial intelligence stay optimistic about the situation in employment, today college and university graduates can have a good sleep. Unless they’re trying to combine their study and part-time job, of course.

Essay on the Advantages of AI: Prevention of Suicide

Artificial Intelligence

Although each of us considers such a solution for all life problems at least once in our life, we can’t deny the horror of this act, especially when it’s committed by a youngster. It doesn’t look like our religious convictions or any cultural considerations give us those shivers when we read news about suicide. I think it’s just our nature that protests against the very idea of self-destruction.

Literature Review: Steps of Proper Review of Sources


Review of a basic literature is the first step of studying any scientific issue. You should know what has been discovered before you, and this will be the basis of your future scientific work. Without proper studying of the main resources, you may end up inventing what has been invented long ago. Therefore, it will be a good idea to follow the next sequence.

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