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Personal Diary: Why Do I Need That?


Many of us at some point of our life start to record the events that once happened, its emotions and feelings associated with them. We do it intuitively and are completely unaware of the benefits that diary brings. In this article, we'll explain why each of us should at least sometimes do some writing in the personal notebook.

The Ability to Share

Sometimes sharing our thoughts, feelings, fears and hopes is not safe – some words might offend the family, make the relations strained. In general, the reasons for the forced silence is set. Diary, in this case, is a great opportunity that goes without any harm to others and without worries about the form of presentation of the information you’d like to share. Recording everything using paper (or a computer), you feel relief and throw off a burden.

Structuring the Information

When you present your points of view while writing, they become more or less defined, have limits and do not seem uncontrollable whirlwind that swirls in your mind. Looking at the written letters you suddenly clearly realize that things are not so difficult when you can clearly understand the situation, but before you opened the diary’s pages, you thought that you are in a state of complete and hopeless confusion. So such writing is recommended for those who feel the power of chaos and confusion in their heads and consequently in life. Uncertainty goals, desires, feelings are all perfectly "cured" through the diary.

Storage of Important Points

Sometimes it comes up with some brilliant idea or a new sense of understanding of some important things – in such moments you are sure that you will never forget this insight. But time passes, there are many new events, and first event details erase from your memory, and then everything else.

It is important to record somewhere the brightest moments (especially emotions, feelings or discoveries related). The ideal way to do this is keeping a diary – it you can always return you to the moment of inspiration, which is likely to support you in difficult life moment or give ground for critical reflection.



It is useful to record all the plans that you have in a diary, especially when you are very young and there are a lot of opportunities and challenges for you to overcome. Someone have recommended you an excellent film? Write down the name. You have seen the advertisement of the unknown dance style that you’d like to try? Also record the address and name of the studio. By utilizing such practice (this notebook should always and everywhere be carried with you), you will find a lot of interesting plans and desires that you always wished to make reality but couldn’t find time for.

Diary is a great tool for self-discovery. Fixing your feelings and emotions that are born in certain situations, you can track your own model of behavior, and then learn how to adjust it. It is infinitely enjoyable and exciting process – so do not let the chance to change your life for the better.

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