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Planning Weekends: Some Simple Know-Hows

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Arranging two days for dozens of plans sounds like a real challenge and dilemma of time management. On the one hand, you finally have a perfect opportunity to stay in bed for a few hours longer. On the other hand, there are so many things you have to do or you would like to do while you have some time for yourself, that the weekend seems to imply not the peaceful rest but just the dynamic switch to some different activities.

Without your knowledge it was somehow decided and acknowledged worldwide that there should be five working or studying days (though Saturdays are also included sometimes) and only two days (or even one day) off. We know this fabulous time as a weekend.

Unfortunately, you can hardly do anything about such cruel unfairness. However, instead of complaining, you can wisely deal with this situation. Become the master of your two-day leisure time and make it bring you the maximum benefit.    

Start Planning from Your Friday Night

The first thing you should keep in mind is the balance between the stress you get from your daily routine and the rest you can have after you finish everything on Friday till you wake up on the next Monday morning. Certainly, this is quite a short period of time comparing to five long days, but still you can manage to do lots of things if you know what you need and want to do.

In case you have a free Friday evening and no parties have been arranged yet, include it in your weekend time planning.

  • Have a good sleep, if you feel simply exhausted after a busy week. Let your Saturday morning be early, but in your turn, you’ll feel full optimism and energy when it comes to wake you up.
  • Don’t leave the tasks you can complete on Friday for your weekend. Still, Friday is a working day. So if you feel well and capable of doing some home assignment or searching for some extra materials for the next week, don’t cloud your weekend plans with something like it.
  • Or plan your Saturday and Sunday thoroughly, so that next morning you knew for sure what to start with.

So What Should You Include in Your Weekend Plan?

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Here are a few tips for your weekend to-do list. By the way, some of these recommendations belong to the world’s most successful business people. What they advise may seem obvious and too commonplace. However, that is what has helped them to achieve what they have now, and what most of us rarely pay due attention to.

  • Don’t stay in bed until afternoon. 
  • Read books, blogs or some interesting and useful articles on the Internet.
  • Find some time for your hobby.
  • Spend time with your nearest and dearest.
  • Minimize your time online in social nets.
  • Make a plan for the next week.

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