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What to Read for Self-Development?

If you are an active student, who is interested in self-realization and in development of skills, you are likely to read a lot. Any information may be helpful for you to organize yourself, get ideas for startups, make yourself more motivated and develop your skills and get new ones. However, not all the books are really well-written and give the advice, which can be effectively put into practice. Here are the selection of the books being the best for your self-development.

  • “Learn-to-Think: Coursebook and Instructor`s Manual” by Edward de Bono

    This is the book written by a famous modern psychologist from Malta, being also an inventor, a consultant and physician. The book has an easy manual on how to improve your thinking. The technique is surprisingly easy and everybody can try the 5 steps to the better thinking.

    By the way, if you like this book, you can search for more books by this author, as he has a large bibliography and he has quite an interesting manner of writing.

  • “Unblock Your Mind: Become a Genius!” by Stanislav Muller

    This books will tell you about the specific technique helping you to improve the mind performance and the percent of active thinking. Having read it you will become a person, who learns fast no matter how old you are.

  • “The Mind Map Book” by Tony Buzan

    This book will show you how to apply the unique and effective method for remembering of information with the help of mind maps. Having learned how to use the mind maps you will never be stressed before exams again, you will get more free time and your grades will get considerably higher.

    Mind Maps
  • “Lessons from the Art of Juggling” by Tony Buzan and Michael Gelb

    This is a great methodic on how to develop and manage the potential and resources of your brain. It is based on the results of a few hundreds of special seminars, which were arranged by the authors in different companies, educational institutes and army departments, as well as among the national guardians in USA.


Take the Readings Seriously

You should understand, that the following books were written by modern-days professionals. The techniques are not imaginary or hypothetical, as they were tested and scientists were working on their improvements. Thus, if you simply make yourself read the book and try the exercises discussed in them, this may bring really impressive results. Spend some time now, and save much more time later!


Other Books to Read

Well, any reading develops your mind and imagination. Even if you are reading the non-fiction books, your brain works to create a picture of what you are reading about. However, if you are aimed more practically, and you liked the particular books mentioned above, you can search for similar books by these writers as well. Mostly, these scientists devoted their whole life to investigation of the human`s memory and thinking techniques and shared findings in their books. There are books, which are aimed on business, teaching of children, on getting better results while studying etc. Having read the full bibliography of such writers, you will skip the process of the long research and trials, and just enjoy the results of them putting on practice the advice given.

Imagination while Reading

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