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Standing Desks: The Best Option Every Student Should Consider

Standing Desk

Sitting isn`t cool anymore. You should get yourself one of those standing desks like all dope kids did. One a more serious note though: sitting isn`t only old-fashioned but really unhealthy. Of course, standing all day long won`t bring any benefits to your spine and knees as well, but sitting all day long may simply kill you. Not literally. But such lifestyle will bring the date of your death so much closer.

Heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity. You don`t want all those monsters to come visit you so soon, do you? But they are the best friends with the sedentary lifestyle, so they just come in one packaging.

How can you cancel this delivery? Regular exercising, healthy food, and a standing desk. By the way, if you only choose a standing desk from this list, you won`t get the result you`re hoping for. But you definitely need to get your hands on that desk.

Some of our homework doers also prefer to stand while working, so, yes, in our office you could already find a pair of these innovative widgets.

I may sound like a marketing person who now is trying to sell you this piece of furniture, so I need to stop with all this pressure. Any surface you can put your laptop on is fine.

However, it`s better to do handwriting in a sitting position because it`s healthier for your neck and back. But what was the last time any student was holding a pen? So laptop it is.

One More Bagel for You

A Bagel

Standing burns more calories, and you know it. Some people even manage to do exercising while working in that position. 50 more calories per hour! That`s an appealing number because a bagel has 250 calories. And you can do the math. Scientists proved the benefit of standing desks long time ago. Now it`s time for your jeans that didn`t fit to approve this concept.

A Way to Get Kate Middleton`s Posture

That woman is a living perfection, so her posture can basically be called a masterpiece. Have you ever been looking at the way Kate Middleton holds her back in public and felt a little tingling of jealousy in your stomach?

Guess what? A standing desk will get you that posture. Of course, if you use it right. In case your hands and eyes feel comfortable and relaxed with the height of the desk, then it will be extra beneficial for you. Besides, it will help you strengthen your core.

The Heart Will Work Like a Swiss Clock

Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer all over the world. So you`d rather think of an effective way how to avoid it. Oh, I think I know! Just get yourself a standing desk!

When we`re sitting, practically no blood gets to in the lower part of the body. That has all kinds of negative effects.

A sedentary lifestyle has even been linked to the development of breast and colon cancer. Keep your heart healthy by simply standing up. You`re going to love all those benefits, especially in the long run.

Would you like to find out more advantages of living on your two feet? This article will give the information you need.

Some Basic Rules

Do you think that you can just break into the world of standing people without any consequences? Everything has to be done with moderation. That`s a life rule, by the way. You`d better start with twenty minutes of working at the standing desk.

Prolong the time day by day. Otherwise, your legs and spine will get very tired soon, and this whole plan of sticking to a healthier lifestyle will come to an inevitable end.

I hope that there is no point of reminding you of this, but just in case you don`t quite realize it.

Plus, girls, no high heels when you`re standing for such a long time. You should wear the most comfortable shoes possible. Also, please do yourself a favor and stop wearing those extra tight jeans at least when you`re in the working environment. Those pants which have a negative effect on the blood flow and a standing desk just won`t get along.

Remember that standing is not enough, you should move around the office or apartment more often. Or you can try different yoga poses while you`re standing still.

…Oh, I think it`s the right time for me to occupy our office standing desk (my dear colleagues have just left) and do my next assignment.

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