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7 Questions for Students to Start a Conversation with Anyone

Imagine yourself sitting in a company of new friends, colleagues or even your sweetheart’s parents. Everyone keeps silent because of not knowing how to start a conversation. Silence becomes “heavy” and you seem to hear the clock ticking. This situation can be changed if to ask people around correct questions.

Question 1. How did you Meet X?

Variation: How did you get to this party?

A simple question that lets you find things you have in common with a collocutor. That is the most simple way to establish a connection and to have a subject for discussion.

Student Party Conversation

If things go the worst way, you always can wonder how different your roads to the same party could be. And this is the reason to ask many new questions.

Question 2. Exactly Mean?

Possible phrase: I’ve never heard about that! How does it work?

In fact, people do not like to ask others about details. Because in that case they are afraid to look silly and uneducated. It seems to them that they missed something everyone already knows.

But in this case, tactics stands for feeling yourself as a newbie-enthusiast. Then, your questions will be pleasant for the collocutor. Additionally, you’ll ask about things interesting for everyone around, and this is going to make a conversation even more pleasant.

Question 3. Why Did You Choose to Go in for This?

Variation: How did you come to this industry?

People love speaking about themselves. This question provokes your collocutor to tell a story, which can give you details to continue conversation. You might find out that you studied at the same university or worked in the same branch. And you can develop a conversation that is interesting for both of you.

Question 4. What do You Like the Most in (…)?

Variation: I loved (the speaker, the flower bouquet, the boulevard), and what do you like?

This question works exactly like the previous one: you establish a connection with a person and provoke him or her to express thoughts at the same time.

The most funny things start happening when a person is not agreed with you. For instance, when you find the speaker to be interesting and your companion slept during the lecture. That is a guarantee for the conversation to be endless.

Question 5. What Restaurant Do You Like the Most?

Variation: Where can I go in order not to meet crowds of tourists?

People like to be experts. If you came to the city for the first time and met a local, you can be sure they will tell you all the secrets of that place. They can give you recommendations about where to go, what to eat and how to hang out.

That’s comfortable. You do not only make your collocutor speak, but get much of useful info, too.

Question 6. Why Do You Think So?

Variation: I used to think (…), but you say things to be completely different.

People usually make unproved statements about careers, cities or hobbies with a great pleasure. Like: “It is not the best time to start a career in this industry”.

If you ask them to say about the reasons and details of their opinion, you’ll show that you listen attentively and have a sincere interest about the subject.

Question 7. What Part of the Way was the Most Difficult?

Variation: If you started it all from the very beginning, what would you change?

People like telling about how they overcame all the obstacles and reached their goals. That conversation is going to be emotional for sure.

Student Talks

This question is especially good if you need to start a conversation with a person you respect much: author, speaker, branch leader. By starting a conversation from the question like that, you can get not only the expanded answer, but the valuable lesson, too. 

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