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Student Thoughts: 10 Rules of Strong Relationships

Student Couple

We are not going to speak about love. Love is a too disputable thing: some people believe in it, others don’t. Some people think love to be the basis for good personal relationships, while others think that relationships are built on trust and respect first. However, strong relationships of different couples have certain features in common. We tried to mention them for you in this article.

1. Speak with Each Other

No matter how banally this statement sounds. Lack of agreement in a couple is the most often reason of break-ups. Speak about everything that worries you and makes you glad. Speak about what you like in your relationships and what you would like to change. Speak about what you like very much about your communication and what you want to improve in future.

2. Do Not Be Afraid of Expressing Your Feelings

If you feel a certain strong emotion, do not be afraid to express it. If you want to hug a person – just do that. Kiss your partner, tell a compliment, say that you love him or her. Express your emotions sincerely. Don’t be afraid about your partner failing to understand you: this is how you learn to understand each other better. If you feel anger, disappointment or irritation, then tell about your emotions, don’t hold them inside. Otherwise, you’ll think that you can’t be really open to your partner, and that is not good for both of you.

3. Learn How to Trust Each Other

Yes, it is very difficult to do that in a modern society, especially if to take personal experience into account. If you’ve been betrayed/blamed for nothing/cheated, it is difficult to start trusting people again. But that is needed for you to feel free and safe. If to keep up to 2 previous rules, you can start trusting a person. Additionally, it is very important not to lie to each other and to forget about an excuse like “lie to make it all good”. Lie is an end of trust; end of trust is an end of love. Do not lie to those you love.

4. Fill Time Spent Together With Bright Impressions

Of course, park walks, cafes and cinemas are cool ways to spend time. You know: “There is no difference where you are, when you are there together”. Yet with time, sameness irritates people very much. So, think over your leisure time, plan interesting trips together. You should only replace cinema with theatre, and a cafe with a picnic. New emotions are guaranteed. And good memories about time you spent together make your relations stronger.

5. Be Interested in Each Other’s Life

Ask about what new things happened today, what dreams were about. That is very important in relationships. This is how you find out more about each other and learn how to trust. It is important to have a person who you can tell absolutely everything.

6. Give Freedom to Your Partner

That sounds like a paradox, but your relationships can be strong only in case if you don’t tight to each other too closely. Spend time separately: hang out with friends, rest with parents, pay attention to pets, find time for hobbies (if you don’t have the one, find it). And then meet each other and discuss things that happened to you.

7. Do not Be Afraid of Conflicts

Student Relationship Conflict

You should understand that any conflict is natural. A quarrel means that you are not afraid of your feelings, not ashamed to speak truth about things that worry and irritate you. It is natural that your views onto something differ (sometimes they can even be totally controversial). In this case, both of you have to find compromises.

8. Make Pleasant Surprises

Routine starts irritating with time. It exists not only in family life, but in young people’s relationships, too. And you can’t run from it. But you can make it be not that awful and suppressing. A pleasant surprise can be: flowers, sweets, postcards with beautiful wishes (you can even make them on your own), your common photos. If you feel enough energy inside of you, you can try writing a letter (yes, that one, made of paper).

9. Have Common Plans

They connect couples. And we talk not about names you will give your children. For instance, going to a festival in summer, spending a New Year together, or visiting a photo exhibition.

10. Travel Together

This is probably the one of the most effective methods to create strong relationships. In trips, you show your real faces to each other (someone even wears no makeup). You come out of your comfort zone, and this means you show yourself from the other side.

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