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Modern Devices and Apps that Can Really be Handy for Every Student

The technological progress has left its mark on students' life as well. Although a lot of applications and gadgets are meant for fun only, there are plenty of really useful ones. Such apps and devices will help you to cope with your everyday tasks easily and be more concentrated on your studying. Here are some good examples:

students' devices

A math alarm

This incredible app will be very handy for those who like to hit the snooze button over and over again. How does it work? This application will allow you to postpone or turn your alarm clock off only after you solve a simple math problem. Cool, isn't it? This will not only help you to avoid being late for classes, but make your brains work quicker in the mornings.

Portable chargers

Student life is usually busy and demanding. It's important to always stay in touch with everyone and it means that all your devices, or at least your cell phone, should always be turned on. So a portable charger will be the best solution. It will not take a lot of space in your bag and will surely come in handy.

Exam assistance applications

There are these incredible apps that allow you to create your own helping tools for studying. You only have to register and then you will be able to make different flashcards, quizzes, notes, charts, or mind maps based on the material you have. You can even share them with your friends. From now on your exams preparation process will be easy and interesting!

smart pens

Smart pens

Every student knows this frustrating feeling, when your notes make no sense to you some time after you have written them. With modern smart pens you will be able to forget about this problem once and forever. With a touch of a button such a pen will automatically record everything you hear and write during your classes. Moreover, it will link the recording to your notes making the full puzzle fall into place. Some of these pens have also a feature to transform your notes into a text for your even better understanding and save them and recordings to its internal memory. Sounds fantastic? There is a disadvantage though - besides buying the actual pen, you will have to buy special notebooks thus it could be a little bit costly. But it's still worth considering.

Smart notes applications

If a smart pen is too expensive for you, there is cheaper solution. A little search will open tons of smart notes applications for you. Try and try different ones until you find what you like. All of them have the same principle - you install it on your tablet and write your notes with a finger or a stylus. Then your handwriting will be automatically converted into a text so you could easily see what the app thinks you wrote. There are also some additional features, such as an ability to insert photos, recordings or other files from your cloud storage services. Besides, most of these applications have different language packages and pretty good handwriting recognition abilities.

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