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Watch a Movie about Students

Most of us love watching movies. Some prefer comedies, some – adventures, others – dramas or horror movies. However, many of us like to watch films that talk about the problems that we are facing in our real lives and watch characters going through situations that could have easily happened to us or to one of our friends. That is why it is great to have a list of movies about students’ life, so you can watch one of them on a movie night with your friends. Enjoy!

Movie student

Good Will Hunting

A great Oskar-winning movie, with an amazing cast and a plot written by two friends: Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Will Hunting is just a cleaner in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), but he has a phenomenal intellect and an amazing memory. A Math professor discovers that and when Will is being arrested for a fight, he helps him to get free but with one condition: a young man has to take a psychotherapy course. What started from disrespect and mistrust eventually grows into a great friendship between Will Hunting and his psychologist, played by amazing Robin Williams.

Dead Poets Society

Another Oskar-winning movie with always wonderful Robin Williams. John Kitting is a new English teacher in an extremely conservative boy’s academy. Students here are bored and teachers are not interested in young people and their problems. That is why a new teacher, with unusual educational methods and sincere interest to the students, brings a new life to this place. He teaches young people that life is short and it shouldn’t be wasted for nothing. John tells his students about the Dead Poets Society, which he was a member of when he was a student, and young people together with their inspiring teacher revive this tradition to live an amazing adventure of their life.

Mona Lisa Smile

Mona Lisa smile

This is a story of a feminist Catrin Ann Watson, who leaves her boyfriend in Los Angeles and comes to Massachusetts to become a teacher of a conservative private girls’ college. A young woman tries to teach her students that they can do whatever they want in their lives. She tries to make them understand that they do not have to be just housewives and mothers and wants them to believe in themselves, to study, to make a career and be independent and successful women.


Three students of a journalism department decide to have a research on how gossips spread and work. They start a rumor about their fellow classmate, a nice and innocent girl, telling everyone that she got drunk and slept with a guy named Bue. Having in mind just an experimental research, friends had no idea that their lie would lead to a transformation of the gossip into a rape story, which would influence the lives of many people.

Liberal arts

This is a story about a relationship between a thirty-five year old man and a nineteen years old college student. They have so much in common, they are interested in the same books, music, movies, they both had been or are studying liberal arts. The only problem is their age difference. Will that become an obstacle? Watch “Liberal arts” and find out!

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