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Student's Life Disadvantages

Sad Student

Being a student is an interesting but not always easy period of life. It is surely full of meeting new friends and teachers, doing lots of outdoor activities and 50% sales in cinemas or theaters sometimes, but there are things which make this period of life a hell for some people.

5 Disadvantages of Being a Student

  1. Self-Responsibility. Remember those days at school when teachers would help you with homework or would explain thousands of times if you didn’t understand a material? Well, it is finished now. Here at the university, no one will chase you and repeat things for you. From this moment, you are responsible for yourself. And those who didn’t learn how to be at least a little bit responsible for something at school will have to do it now, which is ten times harder.
  2. Homework. If you want to be a good student or have a diploma with honors, you’ll have to learn lots of things and in most cases spend all the free time after classes doing plenty of homework. So if you learn to do things fast and good, you’ll succeed and have plenty of free time just for yourself. But if you don’t you will probably skip sleep at night or just get bad grades.
  3. Corruptions. If we look on disadvantages of student’s life in a global way, we may notice that such thing as corruption can literally kill a desire to study or do something in a chosen field. As a consequence, there are students who give up on their major and leave universities or what is worse, they keep «studying» like that and gain no knowledge. Plus they waste 2, 4 or even 6 years of their lives for nothing.
  4. Exams. Everyday life of a student is quite stressful but it gets unbelievably stressful at exam period. Those who didn’t study during whole year are usually trying to learn all the material in last one or two weeks before the exams start. But those who do this usually forget everything after they pass it.
  5. Enemies. You can often meet toxic people or those who don’t like you at the university. Those people can make your life unbearable sometimes but you shouldn’t care about them.

Ways to Help Yourself

  1. Learn how to be responsible step by step.
  2. Learn more about time-management.
  3. Check university for corruption before you enter it. You can contact and ask those people who used to study there or studying there now. Usually, they can tell you all the truth.
  4. Realize that exams are not the end of the world but just another period to pass.
  5. Stop caring about people who envy you and try to avoid them.

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