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The Best Topic to Make Your Argumentative Essay Shine

Two People Arguing

It would be nice if we could all live in harmony and agree with one another, but in such case this world would be too dull for an argumentative essay reader. In such an essay, we need to write down the opposing thoughts on a matter. How to choose a debate worth writing about? Here are a few groups of topics you could choose from.

Legislation Issues

A shaky topic for many, the side of justice may be obvious in many cases, but tricky situations are bound to arise too. Nowadays, justice is represented by set of laws that sometimes can be debatable. When writing such an essay, you may need to look for the current laws in your country or state, so as not to confuse the facts. Just a few issues concerning the legal side that may provoke debate are the following: gun ownership, the age for selling cigarettes, outlawing prostitution, selling medical marijuana, possession of nuclear weapons worldwide.

Morality Issues

If you would like to get passionate in your debate, moral topics are the ones for you to choose from. They often concern animal or human rights, so you may want to defend your truth at any cost. Pay attention to illuminate both the pros and cons concerning such a topic, no matter how hard it could be for you. Such issues may include animal testing, death penalty, euthanasia, privacy rights of employees, beauty pageants and buying products from countries that endorse child labor.

Animal Testing

Media Issues

One of the primary sources that shapes our worldview, the media, be it books or movies, magazines or television, social media or news, is a great influence on our life. That is why, the content that we absorb daily is often up for debate. If you want to find a topic quickly, just turn on the television and see for yourself the issues that plague our society. Topics of argumentative essays about the media may include sex and violence on television, alcohol and tobacco commercials, diversity in movies and books.

Social Issues

You can draw inspiration from your own life or the life of someone you know if you would like to focus more on the social aspect of an argument. Writing about something you are closely familiar with may ease your task. What is something that sparks debate when it comes to the life of different people? Consider writing about college enrollment stress, immigrant rights, prisoners’ right to vote, breastfeeding in public, controlling a teenager’s life as a parent.

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