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Essay on Travel Topic

World in One’s Hands

The main goal of writing essays is to develop students’ creative and critical thinking. Travel-based stories are also known as the ones that help students to become aware of the general world image. While writing these kinds of stories, they get acquainted with different cultures, personal views and, what is more important, they decide what position to take in the world. Another distinctive feature of these essays is that students develop their information searching skills and begin to understand the value of experience got by them in the past. When I was at my first year at college, I used to ask WeDoHomework.Net to do my homework of such a type, but later on I have learned basing on their examples and now I am willing to share my knowledge with you.

As all the essays, the one on world conquering topic has main rules to be followed to get a good mark that can vary according to certain criteria. So, how to actually write a successful travel story and what tips can help make it interesting?

Main Points to Follow

First of all, you should have an idea of what to write about. Your story would be much better if you have actually experienced that kind of travel. To make your work more valuable, you had better give a short information about the place that was visited; give some brief overview of the history of the place; show the experience you’ve got while being in that place at that time and give the idea of a future world conquering attempt. It is better now to look at all these tips separately to understand their importance in the text.

Place and Its History

There are many travel stories and blogs, where people write about the places they have visited. To create a successful essay, you have to follow the main key – the truth. You can look at the information on reliable internet sources and include only proved facts into your story, adding some dates or numbers to show that you have really done some kind of a research.

When you talk about the place, it is better to describe it in the way you saw it, expressing the feelings that you had or any stories that the citizens used to tell you about the place. It can also be good to show some short comparison between the place you have visited and your hometown to create the image of contrasts or similarities.

If you feel that you cannot cope with the task, homework doers can assist, and you can be sure that they will make your essay very specific and personal. You may wonder how is that possible? Well, they will communicate with you and ask questions concerning the information needed. You will see your story shining in a new light, for sure! Moreover, you will learn from the examples, the way I did back when I was a student.

Past Experience and Future Goals

If the first point concerns more the part based on some sources or information, the second point is totally about your own opinion and view on the world conquering story. In this part of the essay, you should tell about the conclusions that you have made while being in another place: things you liked; the changes connected to your position in the world; your thoughts about the culture and the diversity that exists in the world; in addition, you can give some scientists’ views to have your thought proved, but it would be better if you do not include the whole citation in your essay, but write it in your own words. Another step that is quite significant is to write about your future travel plans and put it in the last lines of your story to let readers know that you are still ready to conquer the world and overcome yourself.

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