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Photos from Vacations: Tips How to Shoot Awesome Shots

Photo of Vacation

It is true that we usually take photos to save our holiday memories. Before you start making a lot of shots, glance over some helpful tips, otherwise, your photos will look ordinary.

How to make impressive shots on a smartphone or a camera? How to capture famous remarkable sights and popular places with the intention they look fresh and non-trivial? Let's consider some basic steps to create a really cool photo.


Take just a minute to build the correct and interesting composition. Spending a little more time to think over a composition, you can easily get a great photo.

Don't forget about people, it will be boring to review the photos only with landscapes.

In addition, don't forget about group shots. Try not only to do selfie but also to take a group photo. Later, you will regret that you haven't taken some collective photos of your company during the trip.

Anyway, don't forget to seize the whole picture. Don't shoot just the close-up photos. Take your time to focus on all the beauty that is around you. So, watch your composition to get the shot you and your friends will like.


Moreover, choose the right backstage. It will help you to allocate the main subject or object and to create the right mood of the snapshot. It's better to select natural backdrop with the soft or white shades, so the camera can easy focus on the subject.


Don't be afraid to change camera angles and perspective; it will help to show the object from different sides and create different concepts.

Burst Mode

Take several shots of the same subject. You will be able to choose the best photo and work with it. And before you delete photos from a smartphone or camera, it is necessary to review them on the computer.


At the same time, light is the main tool of a photographer. It is undeniable that the correct angle of the ray is very important. So, check how the light falls on an object, and you will have a good shot. It is a well-known fact that the sunlight is appropriate in the morning and in the evening.

Internal Flash

Photo of Flash

It is a must to use the internal flash wisely. As a rule, it can distort the color and the shade of the photo. Nevertheless, you need a flash only when you miss the moment, and you should shoot immediately.

Keep Camera Ready

Student with Camera

What is more, you must take care of the battery charge and the free space on the memory card. Keep your camera in readiness and catch the moments. Try to photograph things as they are to avoid the staged shot.


Choose the suitable title for the photo. Actually, it can be a word-play, the story of your life or a relevant quotation. It will be interesting to find out something intriguing about your photos.


Besides, use apps to edit photos. There are many applications to make your photo unique, don't be afraid to try something new. For example, photo editing apps like 360 Panorama, Photoshop Express, VSCO Cam will help you to show your photos perfectly from the other side.

Knowing those hints and taking into consideration these points will help get the perfect shots to keep the reminder of your emotions and to impress your friends!

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