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College and Work: How to Succeed in Both Simultaneously?

Most of students find it necessary to work during taking classes in college. A lot of them do it for earning their living, some need to have extra pocket money or want to make for vacations, but the most part wants to get a working experience before they graduate in order to be ready for good positions having finished college.

  • Difficulties that you may face when working and studying.
    • You will not have enough time for social life and things that you enjoyed earlier. Your free time before will be substituted with work.
    • The time, which you used to spend on studying, will be taken by work.
    • You will feel much more tired as more energy will be spent daily.
    • You will have less time to sleep and the schedule of your day will change in general.


  • How to solve the issues and manage your time?
    • Making SchedulesSchedule

      Planning may seem boring to youngsters, but it is vital if you want to survive being a student with part-time job. Spend 20-30 minutes before every Monday to make a plan for the next week. This will let you not to forget about something important and this is how you will make sure that all the necessary things are done.

      There is a number of online tools and mobile applications for making schedules. Do not hesitate to download them and manage your time successfully. Also, they usually have reminders that are really helpful for the busy people.

    • Global Plans

      Making the global plans is working for you as well. If you write a schedule for the month, for example, you will clearly see the results that you are willing or have to reach. Setting goals is a halfway to achieving them. According to the statistics, people who make global plans and write their dreams and aims down, tend to achieve them more often and to be more successful.

    • Set Priorities

      You will have a bulk of things to do every day. Either you are writing a plan or deciding how to build your day in your head, make sure that you set your priorities correctly. Some activities can wait for the time, when you are not so busy, and other ones may appear to be urgent. For example, if you decide whether to go shopping or to complete the paper for your school which is due tomorrow, you should definitely select the second one. You will be able to survive without new shoes a few days more, but not handing the paper on time may bring unpleasant issues.

    • Share Your Plans with Other People people, communication

      The trick of this piece of advice is that once you tell someone about your plan or purpose, you feel the responsibility about what you said. This forces you to move on and do the things. In case you build castles in your head only, you will be the only one, who is able to judge you. It is easy to compromise with yourself, but when you share your plans with others, they will expect certain actions from your side.


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