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Fight the Writer’s Block: Hints for Essay Writing

Blocked Writing

Most of the students sometimes get tired of writing essays. They feel that all of their ideas have been already used, and fall into a despair when facing an empty list. If the deadline is pressing, this makes the situation even tougher. For you not to panic, we have a few ideas for effective essay writing for you.

Try Freewriting

When you feel that there are no new ideas, just write! This is a way of writing which helps to trigger creativity.

Just take a sheet of paper, and start from the words “I face a writer’s block today.” Write the phrase a few times in a row, and maybe, you will get a good idea. Then the other one, and one more. There are, indeed, not so many people who have a constant inspiration, and you should understand that your situation is quite common.

Mark Levi has written a book under the title “Freewriting,” and offered an algorithm of actions which is the following:

  1. Take your notebook or open a fresh word document on your PC and just relax.
  2. Set a time countdown for writing. Let’s say, 20 minutes maximum. Your brain will focus on the task and will understand what you need.
  3. Start writing not paying attention to mistakes (even if MS Word underlines them).
  4. Write fast and everything that comes into your mind.
  5. Switch from one topic to another, ask yourself questions in a written form, even if you are not going to answer them.
  6. Try to prove your thoughts. A few arguments may lead to an unexpected conclusion, and the needed inspiration will come very soon, believe it or not.

After a short training, do not switch on any other task, but start a fresh document to write an essay you were required to. Now you are set up for writing, and it will not take long to start.

Copying as a Way

We do not actually tell you to copy something and submit as your own paper. This will not be fair, and this may also bring you some serious academic troubles. What we offer you is to copy as a training to develop your writing skills. It is better to choose the source of the similar style you need to write an essay in. For example, check the texts on education on our blog if you need to add content to yours.

Why do you need this for?

When making written copies, you learn:

  • The peculiarities of the text and style, which could have been omitted while quick reading;
  • The way the author emphasizes the key elements and thoughts;
  • The way it is good to start and finish the text.
  • The way to quickly switch from one idea to another within the essay.

After copying a few tens of the texts, you will be able to complete a well-done essay. Yes, your style will be quite similar to those which you have copied, and you will need a bit more experience to develop your own style.

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