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Wedohomework.net is the academic assistance service that is providing the highest quality products on the market of custom writing. 5 year experience helps us to understand the customer’s needs better and satisfy his or her needs. We are treating each order individually, which enables us to complete papers fitting to the high standards.

The satisfaction rates of our company are up to 96.3%, however, the cases of misunderstandings and complications are possible in the process of order completion. Nevertheless, we are trying our best to raise the satisfactory rates to maximum.

We offer our customers a possibility to get request money back for the order if they are not completely satisfied with it or are having any other issues. In order to learn the cases and conditions of opening a dispute on the order, kindly, read the Money Back Policy stated below.

The process of dispute opening

The orders are reviewed by the Dispute Department after the customer sets the order on dispute. Typically, the cases are reviewed within 7-10 days as every single order needs a thorough analysis and the best solutions. The Dispute Department works on every order separately as each one is specific and requires the most suitable suggestions according to all the details provided. This is the reason for the Dispute Department response period being different for every order. Additionally, it depends on the customer’s communication with the DD manager, therefore, we are asking our customer to check their email frequently for the most effective communication and problem solution. Staying in touch with DD manager helps a lot the dispute process promotion and the customer’s cooperation is much appreciated.

Cases when refund is possible:

  1. You have made the payment for one order twice. In case such situation occurs you will need to contact the support team as soon as possible and ask to send a refund for the payment, which has been made by accident. When the support team representative verifies the double payment one of them will be issued back to your account shortly.
  2. You have placed 2 identical orders. In case the customer places two orders that are the same and only one of them is needed the same procedure will be implemented as described above.
  3. No writer was found for the order completion. We are trying our best to assign the best specialists for the orders, which you place with us, however, due to certain reasons like order’s complexity or tough time frames we are not able to complete the paper. If such situation occurs we will let you know as soon as possible and will send the full refund to you. In cases when we cannot find the writer for revision completion the customer can contact our Dispute Department in order to get a solution to the issue and discuss the amount of a possible refund. We ask our customers to consider that every order is a unique one, which is why decisions may differ taking into account the specifics of various assignments and situations.
  4. The order has been completed with lateness. We do guarantee that the papers are delivered to the customers within the time frames, which they indicate as a deadline. Nevertheless, in certain cases the progress of the order depends on the customer: sometimes we require a clarification or additional materials for proper paper completion and can proceed with work only after they are received. Timely submission of additional files and information is exceptionally significant as it helps to avoid possible delays with the order’s completion. If lack of additional materials or clarification is a reason for deadline expiry refund is not possible. The responsibility of providing us with all the materials for order completion lies on the customer entirely.
  • In certain cases we can offer the refund for the order’s lateness:
  1. if your order’s deadline is 4 hours and the paper has been sent to you 17 minutes later the price can be recalculated according to the price for the order with the same requirements and 8 hours deadline;
  2. in case the customer’s order deadline is 7 days and the paper is delivered with lateness the maximum amount of refund is 10%. This type of refund is issued only per customer’s request.
  • Sometimes due to the order’s complexity we need to ask the customers for the deadline extension. In case the customer agrees to provide us with more time for the order completion refund for lateness is not possible.
  • The refund for the order may be requested only within 10 days after the order has been delivered to the customer. In case refund is requested later
  1. The revised paper has been delivered with lateness. If such issue happens to your order you are able to contact the Dispute department regarding the case and specify the request. The customer should consider that if the dispute on the order is opened further revisions will not be possible. In case of revision lateness the possible amount of refund is up to 15% of the whole sum. Please, take into account that every order is specific and requires an individual approach.
  2. The customer is not satisfied with the paper’s quality. We are doing our best to handle every order up to the highest standards and according to the customer’s requirements. However, under certain circumstances misunderstandings may occur and the customer might be willing to claim on the paper’s quality. In such cases the customer must send his or her claim to the DD and state the reasons for opening a dispute very clearly. After that the DD Manager will examine the case and will let the customer know about possible solutions via email within next 7-10 days. We hope for the customer’s understanding of the time frames mentioned as the dispute cases are usually complicated and require special attention.
  3. The customer received the preview version of paper and has not approved it so far. In this case you are able to request the revision for unlimited times or set your order on dispute. Up to 100% of refund can be issued in such case, however, we require pour customers to support their claim with reasonable and meaningful arguments as to avoid the fraudulent activity. Every mistake in the paper should be mentioned as the DD Manager will assess the paper’s quality and details.
  4. The customer received the final version of completed order and approved it. The customer cannot request full refund in case the order has been approved, however, we are able to issue up to 30% of the whole order’s payment, which also depends on the specific features of every order.
  5. The customer is willing to cancel the order. The amount of refund depends on the time of cancellation request and the stage of order completion:
  • If less than half of deadline have passed and the writer has been assigned it is possible to receive up to 70% of refund because the work has been started already.
  • If we have assigned the writer and more than half of the initial deadline passed the customer can get up to 30% refunded.
  • In case the customer makes a decision to cancel the order after the paper is completed and delivered refund is not possible.
  1. The customer asks to get refund for additional services. The additional services of our company are editor’s services, writer’s category, summary of the paper, and Turnitin report. Please, note that only refund for the writer’s category is possible in case the writer has not been assigned yet. This points should be noted before the customer places the order.
  2. The paper appears to be plagiarized. Every single paper completed by our service is carefully checked in our own developed plagiarism detecting system so you can be sure about getting an original work. If you claim that your paper contains plagiarized area you have to support your arguments with the plagiarism report from Turnitin or your university. In case the plagiarism report is not provided we will not be able to proceed with a dispute. Kindly, note that if you know that your professor is going to use Turnitin system for checking the paper’s similarity do not use it by your own as the system is saving every paper to its database.

More important points about the money back process:

  • Please, note that if you do not contact us regarding any point of your paper within 10 days after it is delivered the order is automatically approved and is not eligible for refunds. We are glad to provide assistance 24/7 for your convenience.
  • In case you need to contact our Dispute Department, kindly, ask the support team representative to provide you with the contact details. 
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