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Wedohomework.net is one of the top custom writing companies nowadays. Our key aim is to provide the customers with the highest quality academic assistance and timely delivery. Having chosen our service, you can be sure that free revisions for your paper are guaranteed. Here you can find the most important points one should know about the revision process.

  1. Revision instruction overview. The customers should note that the revision instructions should not contradict to those, which were provided in the order form and initially attached additional files. You cannot change the instructions provided initially as it is considered to be their modification and requires additional payment from the customer.
  2. Request for revision. To get your paper revised you need to send a message to the writer with your revision instructions, commentaries or/and attach the necessary files. Additionally, you may submit your revision request to our email info@wedohomework.net.
  3. Revision deadline. Please, be notified that the minimum deadline for revision is 3 hours for the orders with longer deadlines and 2 hours for the orders placed for 4, 8 and 12 hours deadlines. The customer is asked to provide the writer with the maximum deadline for revision in order to get his or her instructions met and all the points adhered.
  4. Time frame for revision request. Our customers are provided with free and unlimited revisions within 10 days after the completed paper has been delivered to the customer. The free revisions are not possible after the paper is approved. We are kindly recommending our customers not to miss the opportunity to get their works amended.
  5. Instructions change. In case the customer is changing the instruction in the revision request and the specific commentaries provided are contradicting to those, which were given initially, the additional payment from the customer’s side will be needed. The price will depend on the deadline, which you give for revision, and the amount of changes needed (about 30% - editing services, and 70% - rewriting type of service).
  6. Writer’s reassignment. If the customer feels that the current writer is not able to handle all the requirements properly he or she can ask the support team representative to assign a different writer for the order. However, this option is restricted by the number of revisions: the first writer must complete at least 3 revisions in order to be reassigned. Additionally, we need to get reasonable arguments from the customer for the writer’s reassignment: in case you do not provide valid reasons we will not be able to assign a new writer for the paper completion. We ask our customers to take these points into consideration and specify all the revision requirements in the revision requests.
  7. Progressive delivery option. Now we have an option of the progressive delivery available. In case your order is placed for more than 30 pages you can request the “progressive delivery” option. Free revisions will be possible within 20 days after the first revised file has been delivered to the customer.
  8. Refund: in order to send a refund request the customer is obliged to get at least 2 revisions performed for his or her paper. In case the order is urgent and placed for 4 and 8 hours deadline, at least, one revision is needed to open a dispute on the order and request money back. The customer must provide us with the convincing and valid reasons for money back request in order to avoid fraud activity.
  9. Money back specifications: refund is not possible (including partial refund with the exception for situations when the writer is changed – partial refund for the writer’s category) in case we have not received the refund request from your side. Minimum 2 revisions must be completed in order for the customer to be able to send the refund requests, in accordance to our policies. If the customer’s order has been urgent with 4 or 8 hours deadline at least 1 revision is necessary. Dispute requests are sent to the Dispute Department and are reviewed by the Dispute Department manager within 7-10 days.
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