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Five Thoughts for Every Morning

Every day is a chance and an opportunity. You can start something you kept thinking about starting for a while, a chance to get rid of the things and people you’ve been wanting to get rid of for even longer. Every day is a chance. If you remind yourself about certain things every morning, you will never miss it!

- “I am the master of my own life.” -

There are a lot of things we cannot influence, but there is also a plenty of those we can. If you think about it in a global way, even the smallest choices have brought you to where you are now. Our life is a chain of choices, so if you keep believing you have no power over your own life, it will just mean that you are trying to acquit yourself of the responsibility to make ones.

The Master

- “I live here and now.” -

No matter what is waiting for you today, this particular moment is peaceful and great. You might have an exam, an audition, an interview later, but this moment has not yet come, so there is no need to worry about it. You can think your actions, outfit and schedule through in order to make your day the least stressful, but don’t think about the things you cannot influence at the moment. Think about them when the time comes.

- “I appreciate the way I live.” -

We spend every day in the same place, with the same people, and have started treating everything as granted. The truth is, we have stopped noticing the good things. If you are grateful for something, you will get even more of it – that is a mysterious cosmic law. After all, the art of life is not only about looking into the future, but it is also an ability to look around and to be able to enjoy the moment you live in.

Thanksgiving day

- “Success is not a result, it’s a lifestyle.” -

Everyone has their own understanding of success, but what unites us all is a desire to achieve it. Sadly, some people forget, that success does not only mean the moment of reaching the goal, but it is also the whole process of bringing us to it. When you think of success, the aim is just the aim. What matters is that you managed to work hard enough to achieve it, that you came up with the ideas and regulated the process. You are the Success. You have improved yourself and have shown your skills in order to get something, and you are reaping the harvest of your labour now.

- “I am not complaining, if I don’t know how to improve the situation.” –

Nobody likes to listen to someone’s endless flow of complaints, and you wouldn’t like a negative person as well. Can you improve the situation with words or deeds? Then do it! In case you can’t, complaining will not help. It will only irritate others and will never bring you where you want to be.

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